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Blind spots when looking a web page

Good post about findings in usability tests. Specially blind spots where users don’t find something that is related to other content. Here’s 4 tips from CX Partners and the actual post: 4 Tips for positioning filter controls You won’t go … Continue reading

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CX vs UX

I’ve been wondering about the terminology round UX. Here’s nice video to explain what they in Forrester thing about CX and UX. I’m going to start talk more about CX when I refer to more holistic view on user experience … Continue reading

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When consumers get delighted

This guy is talking about consumer delight. That is in my thoughts what I’m after also. I would really like to learn what makes people to happy. What are the things that makes them share their experiences with others. Why … Continue reading

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How to make credit cards much more safe

I have simple idea how they could make credit cards much more safe. Often when credit (or bank) cards are stolen, first thieves get somehow to know your pin code. They look over shoulder or even there are these machines … Continue reading

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Book side notes are disturbing

Book often have side notes which have more information about the subject that is been told in the main text. I’m bothered that those are often located in some specific place in the page. Those are following a pattern and … Continue reading

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What happened to “what’s on your mind box”?

Just a regular Saturday morning. I was drinking coffee and opened laptop and went to Facebook to say something funny about the amount of snow it has rained in past days here. But whaaat had happened!!! There’s no “what’s in … Continue reading

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Usability trick used in ATM’s

First ATM’s (at least in Finland) used to “eat” many forgotten cards. That made customers unhappy and it also cost a lot to the banks. Then the guys designing sw for it revisited their thoughts. Users only goal in ATM … Continue reading

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What can we learn from UX in Grocery store

Have you ever thought user experience on grocery store. They have been thinking it for much longer than anyone on IT. Here’s my observations. Often first ones when you come in are the fruits and vegetables. I think those have … Continue reading

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Hello world

Hi, I’m Henri Hämäläinen. I’ve always been intrested in why people behave like they do. What actually makes something look and feel better than the other. What makes us to select something instead of other. These are questions I will … Continue reading

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