About LostInUX

I’ve always been interested in why people behave like they do. I’m curious that what is the motivation why people behave like they do. Also I want to understand how people perceive different things and what makes some products cooler or more popular than others.

There’s lot of names for this stuff. Some call it UX as user experience, others call it CX as customer experience. Then there are terms like consumer/customer delight, usability, customer centric, user expectations, user behavior and lot more used when discussing these issues. Also many aspects of product management go hand in hand with this subject. I’m not going to define any specific name for this now, but I’m just going to use whatever seems appropriate at the time.

I’ve always thought I’m quite good on understanding these user habits, expectations and behaviors. This is mainly due my personal interest, observations and learning’s about human behavior. What I’m now doing with this blog is continuing my learning journey on these subjects and sharing my findings and insights here. As I’ve started to digg deeper there are so much good stuff on all different fields of consumer experience that in the beginning this will be more of an learning for me.

I will try to look on this CX/UX subject really holistically. I’ll try to cover anything from user perception to brand image. So basically anything that in my mind connects to CX.

I use mainly my own photos in this blog. If I’m using someone else I will mention it.
I promise that I will give the credit and link to the blogs, articles, books, videos where I found the stuff I’m presenting.


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