Building customer experience needs everybody

Excellent metaphor for building customer experience in the company. Blog post from Perfect Customer Experience blog:

Imagine a football team in which:

  • Only 4 in 11 players know what the objective of the game is
  • 7 in 11 players don’t know which goal is theirs
  • 9 in 11 players don’t care
  • 9 in 11 don’t know what position they play in the team
  • Only 1 player feels that the other players would be held accountable for the team’s performance

Here’s the whole post of Customer experience begins with the team.

This doesn’t mean that all should be experts on this area. Everyone still should at least understand that what is your product and who are you customers. What are the actual things that affect to customer experience and what makes your product good or bad.

This goes well with “eat your own dog food” approach, that everyone in the company needs to be user of their products. At least they need to try those out and actually feel the experience your customers are living. This isn’t possible in all companies, but it is possible for much more than those who are actually living it.


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