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IKEA just gets it

Yesterday I was at Ikea and noticed how cleverly they place their goods. They are really thinking the whole consumer experience and actual needs of the person. That of course helps on their sales, but it’s also really convenient for … Continue reading

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Vintage gone wrong?

It’s been a trend to make vintage versions of current products. You’ve seen it with all. Many brands have taken their old ad’s, logos, fonts or packaging and republished those. Most of those look cool and fine and are actually … Continue reading

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6 laws of customer experience by Bruce Temkin

Great short e-book about customer experience. Full of great thoughts and great insights in compact form. Mandatory to read to everyone working in any role in any company. 6 laws of customer experience by Bruce Temkin I loved the sentence: … Continue reading

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CX vs UX

I’ve been wondering about the terminology round UX. Here’s nice video to explain what they in Forrester thing about CX and UX. I’m going to start talk more about CX when I refer to more holistic view on user experience … Continue reading

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