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Building customer experience needs everybody

Excellent metaphor for building customer experience in the company. Blog post from Perfect Customer Experience blog: Imagine a football team in which: Only 4 in 11 players know what the objective of the game is 7 in 11 players don’t … Continue reading

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Netflix 5 percent rule

”Simple trumps complete” – a 5% feature (used by less than 5% of all users) is a distraction for all the other users, and is better removed, unless its really critical (a small number of users do need to cancel … Continue reading

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Interesting Experience Design Framework from Jordan Julien

Interesting framework for experience design in strategy work from Jordan Julien. It gives excellent ideas what could and should be done when creating products. As my background is in the RnD, I’m bit worried about thinking of creating UX before … Continue reading

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6 laws of customer experience by Bruce Temkin

Great short e-book about customer experience. Full of great thoughts and great insights in compact form. Mandatory to read to everyone working in any role in any company. 6 laws of customer experience by Bruce Temkin I loved the sentence: … Continue reading

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