Who I am

I’m Henri Hämäläinen. I’m living in Espoo Finland, with girlfriend and two daughters. I’m born in Kouvola, did my university in Jyväskylä and now living in Espoo and working in Helsinki.

I work for Nokia. Everything in this blog are my personal opinions and don’t reflect Nokia’s official statement. I guess that’s obvious, but I just want to make it crystal clear.

I follow a lot of blogs with different subjects. I try to keep up with some SW development stuff like Agile & Lean and UX & UI stuff. I follow what’s up in high-tech and social. And then I follow some really hilarious individuals who make me smile.

I like sports. I follow wide variety of sports mainly from web and TV. I try to exercise enough to keep my mind positive. I’ve used to be more active on team sports, but now with kids and work, I’ve been going towards more personal stuff like running, cycling, cross-country skiing etc.

I’m amateur photographer and maybe one day I’ll try activate myself to take more photos and present those more on web also. I think I’ve shot some good ones also. Nowadays I just create photo books of our travels (here’s one post about those). We have such great changing weather here in Finland, which provides endless possibilities for photographing, that it’s a pity that I don’t prioritize my time more on taking photos in Finland.

I’ve recently got again interested on reading books. Previously I used to read more on fiction side, but recently I’ve read some business books. Maybe those shouldn’t be called business books, but entertaining and interesting books about the world we live in. I’ve been reviewing those in my other blog.

Here’s some web pages from me. I’m more active on some and less in others:
Web Wanderer – Blog about tech and other subjects I find interesting
Cool and funny stuff – Funny and cool pics and videos I run into
Google profile page
Facebook profile
LinkedIn profile
My Twitter feed
Running free online exercise diary
My picasa album of shots all around