When consumers get delighted

This guy is talking about consumer delight. That is in my thoughts what I’m after also. I would really like to learn what makes people to happy. What are the things that makes them share their experiences with others. Why something brings delight and another doesn’t.

Giles Colborne from CXPartners is making excellent observation about delight coming from surprising the customer. User delight can be got even with bad UX in the beginning, if the corrective action is superb and surprising.

Check the slides out:

When I reflect this to myself, I’ve often found myself judging companies based on these though situations. When you have a problem with something and you ask for help. I actually blogged about this some time ago in my another blog, when I ordered bean bag which was faulty and how well they actually handled it.

Lesson here is again is that product itself is only half of the experience. Product must be good in order for customers to be happy about it, but so needs rest of the services around it. Weakest link metaphor goes well in here.


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