Hello world


I’m Henri Hämäläinen. I’ve always been intrested in why people behave like they do. What actually makes something look and feel better than the other. What makes us to select something instead of other. These are questions I will try to cover in this blog.

My thoughts are to cover here issues in much wider scope than in SW and IT. I think there are lot of good stuff outside of computer world which explains UX and behaviour. I have already some good topics to cover in my mind.

I’m no UI designer and I also think that UX is not something we should leave for UI design. In any company, almost all roles have an effect on how customers feel on product or service. I think you get the point what I’m gonna cover in this blog based on this thinking.

Finally few words about me. I’m currently working in Nokia in product management type of role. I’m from Finland and have two daughters. I try to keep up on many things on what’s happening in the world, specifically in high techs and many many sports. I also have another blog, which is for wider scope of subject and I’ll try to keep this in UX.

Hope you find this interesting and maybe give me a comment sometimes.


About Henri Hämäläinen

Dad, blogger, IT-worker, sportsman, occasional photographer. Blogging about wide variety of subjects in English (www.henrihamalainen.com) and about sports and exercising in Finnish (kurheilua.blogspot.com) .
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One Response to Hello world

  1. Vasco Duarte says:

    great to see you active in the blogging world! looking forward to read your insights on UX.

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