What happened to “what’s on your mind box”?

Just a regular Saturday morning. I was drinking coffee and opened laptop and went to Facebook to say something funny about the amount of snow it has rained in past days here. But whaaat had happened!!! There’s no “what’s in your mind box” anywhere.

I really went to may different views and even thought there’s something wrong with my browser or mini laptop. Then after long period of searching, I found out it had been removed and replaced with icons to share stuff.

Bold move from Facebook. I think that box has been one defining element on their pages. Now they took it away. It even guides more and more on sharing links and pictures instead of status updates. Are they saying that time of status updates without links is passing? Or is it just an experiment?

For now at least, I just hate that change. What’s the benefit of it? Maybe bit more space saved for something else. I feel this change actually discourages people to share their thoughts and encourages people to just checkout others. I would really like to get that box back. It makes me feel safe.


About Henri Hämäläinen

Dad, blogger, IT-worker, sportsman, occasional photographer. Blogging about wide variety of subjects in English (www.henrihamalainen.com) and about sports and exercising in Finnish (kurheilua.blogspot.com) .
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2 Responses to What happened to “what’s on your mind box”?

  1. Ilkka says:

    Still I admire how Facebook keeps experimenting and pushing updates to their service at constant rate. They really don’t seem to be afraid of breaking things.

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