Book side notes are disturbing

Book often have side notes which have more information about the subject that is been told in the main text. I’m bothered that those are often located in some specific place in the page. Those are following a pattern and those are not actually in the place that you could easily read it.

So my problem is that I’m reading something interesting and then I turn page and I notice there’s box with additional information. (Like in the picture on the right.) I wouldn’t like to jump there right now, because I’m concentrating to a sentence and paragraph, but I already noticed the box and I’m curios what it might say. So I get disturbed, and when reading books that really need concentration to understand, I need regather my thoughts. That’s bit frustrating.

Why these boxes couldn’t be put to suitable location. One possibility could be in end of a paragraph when reader easily can jump out of context and check the additional information if he or she wants. I this there are other good options also. But first the guys who are defining these layouts needs to accept that problem exist.

Funny is that I don’t see this as a problem in most of the web pages. Maybe this is because in web pages there are different colors used and sentences and paragraphs are shorter. Also the content might often be bit easier to read and not needing that much concentration than books.


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