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Netflix 5 percent rule

”Simple trumps complete” – a 5% feature (used by less than 5% of all users) is a distraction for all the other users, and is better removed, unless its really critical (a small number of users do need to cancel … Continue reading

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Interesting Experience Design Framework from Jordan Julien

Interesting framework for experience design in strategy work from Jordan Julien. It gives excellent ideas what could and should be done when creating products. As my background is in the RnD, I’m bit worried about thinking of creating UX before … Continue reading

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CX vs UX

I’ve been wondering about the terminology round UX. Here’s nice video to explain what they in Forrester thing about CX and UX. I’m going to start talk more about CX when I refer to more holistic view on user experience … Continue reading

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When consumers get delighted

This guy is talking about consumer delight. That is in my thoughts what I’m after also. I would really like to learn what makes people to happy. What are the things that makes them share their experiences with others. Why … Continue reading

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Book side notes are disturbing

Book often have side notes which have more information about the subject that is been told in the main text. I’m bothered that those are often located in some specific place in the page. Those are following a pattern and … Continue reading

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Usability trick used in ATM’s

First ATM’s (at least in Finland) used to “eat” many forgotten cards. That made customers unhappy and it also cost a lot to the banks. Then the guys designing sw for it revisited their thoughts. Users only goal in ATM … Continue reading

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What can we learn from UX in Grocery store

Have you ever thought user experience on grocery store. They have been thinking it for much longer than anyone on IT. Here’s my observations. Often first ones when you come in are the fruits and vegetables. I think those have … Continue reading

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