Interesting Experience Design Framework from Jordan Julien

Interesting framework for experience design in strategy work from Jordan Julien. It gives excellent ideas what could and should be done when creating products.

As my background is in the RnD, I’m bit worried about thinking of creating UX before actual code. Maybe Jordan doesn’t even mean in his presentation that UX should be created first, but that was my first thought on the presentation.

I’ve many times saw it to be troubling when UX is created too much in advance and without true possibilities to iterate it to be better. In my opinion there needs to be good balance between UX done in advance and UX iterated during actual coding phase.

What I love in the presentation is that it really starts with basics. It’s always good to actually define the users (personas) and the problems we are trying to solve for these specific users. After really understanding the basics you could jump to creating first prototypes. Even though this feels obvious, I bet is often jumped over.


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